Facebook. Issue or Solution?

Problems creating their own solutions?

If you’re bored, or on the train home, or just looking to feed your intellect, I would suggest you download the app Knappily! It has updates and new columns about news from all areas of interest!

One of which I read about Facebook. whether you like facebook or not, you have to admit that it plays a very large role in the dynamic make up of the society we live in today, along with the other big social networking websites such as twitter and instagram. But in what way do they really affect us? and is this way positive or negative? Mark Zuckerburg has a plan, said plan is a vague plan but a plan none the less.in fact it is less than a plan, more of a desired outcome. He hopes that through the ability of facebook to connect people and create a “global community”, it can be the driving force which initiates political change. Many people already see facebook as an improve the type of world we live in relaying positive ripple effect. however not everyone see it that way.

Knappily looked into the reason why this letter of Zuckerburgs is being scrutinized. To keep a long story short. He contradicts himself. Through his optimistic goal of creatiny a global community , he states how those who do not use facebook are essentally excluded of “left behind”. not really being people together so much as singing them out. Esentially, by zuckerbrugs wanted to adapt facebook to become a poitical through the use of voting systems etc etc it will divide people online and therefore it cannot support a global communit.y

Facebook not only affects the online citizens, it also affects the journalism industry. and as knappily puts it very neatly ” Zuckerburg is building a news organisation without journalists” “Facebook is building a global newsroom run by robot editors and its own readers”



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